Monday, April 21, 2008

You Put The Hand In, You Take The Hand Out...

Just a short update today:


The scarf is finished and I will post photos later (given the fact I am posting the parcel today!)
The Slouch rib cardi needs one and a half sleeves and the bands – other than that it is all done (LOL)

I have been matching yarn and patterns and coming up are: Montparnasse, Tahoe, Cherie Amour and Pearl Buck – in no particular order. There are also unfinished socks, the Gathered Pullover and some requested mittens in there. And some baby knitting.

I have been spending too much time on Ravelry and lusting after other people’s knitting. And stash. So I’m going to make a huge effort to get more of my own knitting done, from my existing yarn-that-is-not-stash.

Other stuff:

In other news, the Knightly Knitter and her family are coming for the weekend. This is exciting, but also means I must tidy up some of the general high level of clutter around the place. I also need to terrorise the dust antelopes (some people have dust bunnies, but not this chicken, no siree!), and make sure there are some surfaces for cooking. Due to enablement by Ms Cindy2paw I acquired the AWW Winter cookbook and think some things from that may appear – last night we had chicken with olives and preserved lemon. Tonight it’s home made sausage rolls (full of cunningly hidden veggies!). Delicious magazine also arrived.

Fun in the Afternoon:

Now, I have discovered that having a good relationship with the reception staff of your local medical centre is crucial. Ask me how I know!!

For some reason, known only to himself, Destructoboy decided to put the teeny tiny little hand of a Lego man up his right nostril! Now, when a teeny tiny Lego hand gets put up the nose of a 3 ½ year old, it stays put – especially because his attempts to fish it out before letting Mum know drive it further up. Remaining calm (he wasn’t – he was deeply upset that he wouldn’t get the *&^*&*%%% hand back!) I whisked him into the car and off to the local doctors’ surgery.

Knowing all the staff really helps – when I explained the situation we were raced into an examination room, the first passing GP was frogmarched in, an examination assisted by magnifying glasses took place and anaesthetic was sprayed up Destructoboy’s nostril. It was really lucky the doctor could actually see the hand, because otherwise it meant a trip to hospital and a visit with the ENT specialist– but there is no ENT outside the northern capital – 100km away, and I don’t think they are there all the time – only some days! And an operation under general anaethetic – and wouldn’t THAT be fun!

A quick prod and grab with the tweezers and Destructoboy’s Lego man got his hand back. He perked up immediately (he had been very quiet and worried until then – said his nose hurt and was crying about the loss of the hand!), and promised never to put anything anywhere it wasn’t supposed to go. He got a lollipop to take away the taste of the anaesthetic. I really hope I don’t have to go through that again any time soon.

Just a quick update on the de-cluttering:


1 knitting magazine
1 Delicious Magazine
1 cookbook (enabled by Cindy2paw)
2 balls Moda Vera Sock yarn, 2 balls green variegated Jet, 3 balls of blue Jet to finish cardi, 8 buttons (Doomlight of Spot visit)
7 Buttons for Slouch cardi (thus converting a 20 dollar cardi into a 44 dollar cardi via 14 bucks for buttons and 2 extra balls of wool!)
7 Balls Bendigo - 3 wisteria and 4 sprite because it is discontinued and I love it!


3 wooden jigsaws – to child care centre
6 shopping bags of stuff (clothes, boots, shoes etc) Lifeline
1 large bag boys shoes – gift
1 bag girls stuff – gift

Shake it all about

Vintage hues scarf – gift

Hope to have some pictures later in the week. There are some items on the way which have fallen out of other people’s stashes and into mine! Off to have lunch and recover from the flat out fun of being a mother!


2paw said...

Truly, I am only responsible for 1/32 or a little over 3% of the 'Ins'!!!! Nice book though, isn't it?? Good Nose news, those Lego hands are expensive!!! You are going to have some exciting knitting coming up.
Hope you don't have lunch flat out!!!!

Rose Red said...

How good that Destructoboy has learnt his lesson via a lego hand - I imagine it could have been a lot worse!

Finishing stuff rocks, doesn't it! I've almost finished a scarf (4 more rows) that has been almost like an albatross around my neck (but let's not mention the yarn I bought today for another 2 scarves...)

MadMad said...

Oh, how scary! Dear God, they need to serve alcohol in ERs, don't they? Especially if you're there with your child. So glad it worked out OK! My goodness!

Donna Lee said...

What is the fascination kids have for putting things in their noses? I have never understood that. Thank goodness you didn't have to take destroboy in for major surgery! How traumatic for a tiny little toy.

Alwen said...

Now I shall be singing the Hokie Pokie song and turning myself about!

My, hmmmm, step-nephew did that with a plastic pony bead.

And my son did it years ago with one of the little two-dot Lego bricks.

It was bright red, and when I first saw it, he was napping, and I thought he had a nosebleed. I left him sleeping and got our handy hemostat and snatched it out before he could wake all the way up.

Then he did wake up and cry, but at least I had the yucky thing out of his nose!

Parenthood is full of these good times. :D

Bells said...

Oh you are lucky there was no surgery needed. When I was two, something unrecognisable was removed from my nose surgically. Why do kids do it???

Jan said...

Glad the Lego is out. When three, my youngest son put a screw up his nose and the scenario could have been what you may have faced. fortunately, he put it up with the point poking down and the doctor was just able to grab it. He was given phenergan to slow him down for procedure. His two older brothers did similar. Can't remember who but one poked a sultana well down into the ear of the other. Fortunately, I was able to get it out. Boys!

amanda j said...

My husband kept a peanut up his nose for quites some time as a lad. Apparently it was found when he had his adenoids removed. He remembers it happening but didn't tell his parents about it. The MIL still has it somewhere!

Poor little lego man. How did he survive the ordeal?

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Why is it that boys put things in their nose???? I just don't understand...another unanswered questionof the universe. You can't imagine how glad I was when that phase ended.

Amy Lane said...

Laughing hysterically about Destructo-boy's nose toy... seriously--I was all about the massive quantities of knitting until that part, and then I was laughing and now I'm wondering when the Cave Troll will follow suit!!! (Sorry--I shouldn't laugh--the last time I took Cave Troll to the ER, his sister had dropped him on his head and there were stitches involved. Since you escaped general anaesthetic, I have to say, the lego hand is just funny!!!

Taphophile said...

Oh what a relief you got the Lego back - that stuff's expensive! Seriously though - pleased it turned out well if ever so worrying at the time.

Jejune said...

Oh LOL, kids and putting stuff up their noses, what is UP with that? My son did peas... glad the hand was relatively easy to extract!