Monday, March 31, 2008

What I Did On My Holiday (Part 2)

Just before we get in to Canberra, I realised there was a bit of a gap in the blog! I hadn’t put up the lovely parcel I received from MadmadHousewife (finally – after customs and Quarantine had finished with it – and just slightly before we decided it had obviously been lost in the mail). This wonderful book:

and some maple syrup candy and lollypops (which seem to have disappeared – no idea where!). This arrived literally just before we boarded the boat and after the car was stuffed to the gunwales, so I didn’t get a chance for a proper look inside until we got home – so many things to make and what a great way to bust stash! I’m going to practice next week when some projects get under control.

These also got finished – either just before we left – the Nutkins in the Knittery merino/Cashmere in the Sea Life colourway

The Noropups were finished on the road.

Back to the trip. We arrived safely (didn’t throttle over excited children on long car trip – 6 or so hours in the car can be eased by the judicious application of lollypops). The wonderful Bells had organised a little lunch meeting with some of the Canberra Bloggers, so having packed husband off to work in Queensland and consigned children to the SILs care I sallied forth into central Canberra.

We had a lovely lunch and I got to meet Bells (who delivered a small package I had asked her to purchase for me when a certain Canberra shop had Zara for 2 dollars a ball! And she is even lovelier in person), Georgie (glowingly pregnant and even younger and slimmer than her blog indicates), Jejune (bouncy and generous and not yet purple) and the wonderful QuiltingMick (a fabulous crocheter and blogger and a joy to chat with).

It is so great to meet blogpals in real life (and a little nerve-wracking, too! – I knew I would like them – after all, we’ve been chatting and emailing and such – but what if I disappointed them? What if they were expecting someone wittier and funnier and more glamorous? If they were, they were nice enough not to let me know!). Much knitting and crocheting and petting of yarn took place – along with a bit of eating and drinking. The waiter even asked for some socks!

After lunch, when everyone except Jejune and I had to make their way back to offices, she offered to guide me to the two shops I wanted to visit. I’m afraid I rather enabled her at the TS14+ shop while I picked up one or two items. I was also lucky to get out of Borders without making any purchases. We gave Jejune a lift home after shopping and she met the poppets and SIL – Thank you Jejune – for your navigational and guiding expertise!

Easter passed in its usual haze of chocolate and excitement. We visited the National Gallery, Questacon and Dinosaur Museum. The Easter Bunny visited us and the children turned into feral chocaholics with the frenzy of an Easter Egg Hunt. On Easter Monday the girls had organised another little get together.

For an isolated knitter, the internet and her blogpals are a lifeline. Yarn people (knitters, hookers and spinners) are generally fun, generous and slightly obsessive. Meeting them in the flesh is a wonderful treat, and I hope to do it again soon! And if any of you are coming to NW Tasmania, let me know!

So Monday was spent with Bells, Georgie, Taph and the Happy Spider. Just lovely to see Taph and Spidey again (I met them last year) and so lovely to let yarn fumes wash over us and chat and knit and pet yarn and exchange tips and patterns and stories. I even received a present from the Happy Spider – some of her glorious sock yarn in Blackberry!

Thank you all again for your time and generosity! I looks forward to lots more meetings – both virtual and real – and a special thanks to Georgie and Bells for being such great organisers!!

Next post will cover Rutherglen and deal with WHAT HAPPENED AT WANG! (A tale to chill your hearts and credit cards, dear reader!)


Bells said...

and it was an absolute delight to meet you at last, Ms Tink. You're a treasure.

Looking forward to the chilling tale!

TinkingBell said...

*Blush* Why thank you!!

catsmum said...

As you sailed by the Castlemaine exit with only a wave, it appears I may have to come to you - coming to visit a quilting friend in Aberdeen in September - how far is that from you??? Could you swing a visit in a Devonportish direction ??

Amy Lane said...

You will LOVE THAT BOOK. (I know I do...two socks at a's YARN CRACK!!!) Anyway, so glad to have you back, and it sounds like a LOVELY holiday!!! I'm jealous--you get to meet people I only read about...(but I do know how you feel...I'm afraid I'm not nearly as glamourous or as witty as I should be to meet people face to face)...but I bet you are everything they hoped for and more:-)

Jejune said...

It was a delight to meet you properly at last - and your kids and SIL! I'm so glad I was able to get to the impromptu lunch in Civic, and that you led me astray at TS14+ !! Wicked woman ;)

I have photos of you and Lulu, and the girls which I will email to you now!

frog ponds rock... said...

Welcome back Tink..

MadMad said...

Oh, it's so much fun to get to meet everyone - I'm just dying to! Quick question, though: why is no one showing any pictures? Was there some kind of embargo or something?

Rose Red said...

I don't think I said this before, I did miss your posts while you were away - so good to have you back... can't wait to hear about the Wang!

Donna Lee said...

I am so jealous that you got to meet all these wonderful women that I only read about. What fun to pet yarn and hang out with folks who get it. I am a solo knitter too and I understand your glee.

Donna Lee said...
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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I went to Questacon, while in Canberra. the whole time that I was there I kept thinking that I should have some kids with me. Kinda like an adult going to a Disney movie by herself.