Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday? Let's have a drink!

Thursday already!?

What’s happened to the week? It seems if I’m not attempting to be in 2 places at once, I’m trying to get the kids to be in 2 places. How did I get this busy?

Partly it’s the stunning bounty from our orchard. I have never seen a year like this for plums. Crops are so heavy they break the branches. And the d’Agen plums look glorious – all blue bloom with purple and red highlights. Can we do a sock yarn this colour?

I’ve already dealt with the Victoria plums – they’re my plum sauce plums; the d’Agens are being turned into prunes in the dehydrator, the blood plums were eaten, and the greengages and golden drop aren’t quite ready. In addition, the tomatoes are just starting to really hit their stride (Note to self – next year, don’t plant 9 tomato plants – 8 of which are various types of cherry tomato – even if they are yellow, white and red. Just plants 4 plants and make them BIG ones!)

Pears are just starting to ripen and quinces are a way off yet!

Knitting is happening. The Nutkins are nearly finished, the bag swap main bag has its main bit nearly finished, I’m on those dratted lace inserts for Bella. I’d love to wake up and find them done, but this is unlikely to happen as a) there are no knitting fairies and b) it will actually require knitting to be finished!

Unfortunately, yarn buying is still happening! The Knittery had a sale – I immediately panicked and bought 4 skeins of sock yarn – just in case there suddenly wasn’t any more! I am the proud owner of 1 skein of slim sock in Royal Velvet, 2 skeins of merino cashmere sock in Bloody Mary and Autumn and 1 skein of chubby sock in Barley grass! Yummy! I absolutely adore the merino Cashmere – I’m knitting my Nutkins in this and just love touching it!

The most wonderful thing happened this week! - I received my parcel from the fantastically talented author, Amy Lane! I was lucky enough to help edit her 4th novel – Bitter Moon 1, and she sent me a thank you pack (will work for wool and books!) It contained the new book – and I got an acknowledgement – how cool is that!, 2 or her other novels, an official editorial team T-shirt and a skein of Shaefer Yarns Anne, in a gorgeous forest green/khaki/dark turquoise colourway! And the books were signed and so were the bookmarks and there was a great yarny card too! Thank you so much Amy!! I’m looking forward to Bitter Moon 2 – and I’m making progress on Vulnerable!

Here are the pictures! That seems enough for a Thursday post! (Oh and thank you all for the good wishes for the Accountant’s birthday! – He had a lovely time, adores his drumkit and we had a beautiful grown-up dinner with very nice wine.)The weekend is bringing a North West Coast Knit together on Saturday, and a chenille bag making class on Sunday! Busy crafty times ahead – will report later.


Amy Lane said...

*g* Squee! Oh, how cool... I put stuff in a box down the street, and it ends up in Australia! It was my pleasure, Tink--your help was invaluable!!!

Rose Red said...

Mmm, lovey happy squishy packages for you too this week!

I'm sure Daphne could do you up some d'Agen plum sock yarn in no time!!

Lynne said...

I love the colour of those plums so d'Agen sock yarn sounds absolutely delicious - especially as purple is my favourite colour!! LOL

My favourite eating plum is the President Plum but I haven't seen any around for years!

Must get back to my sock knitting -those small sized dpns [2.75mm] are still so painful for me!

Bells said...

If Daphne did sock yarn in this colour, I would not be able to get my hands on it fast enough. quick someone send her this link!!!!

2paw said...

Plums are delicous and these are very purply!!! What excelleny gifts and the Knittery wool is beautiful!!! Good luck with Bella

Alwen said...

Aren't those trees amazing when their branches are bending right down to the ground?

I live in orchard country, too, but here it's mostly apples, peaches, and cherries. All bare and waiting for spring, I'm sure.

Michelle said...

Oh yum - plums! And prunes no less!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

fruit, fruit, glorious fruit,
nothing quite like it for filling the boot,
so follow me follow
down to the hollow
and there let us swallow some glooooooorious fruit!

MadMad said...

Geez - those plums are gorgeous! I'd sit under a tree, eating them all day, and knitting. Well, maybe in my head. In real life that might be sticky. And also there would be kids bugging me. But one could dream, right?

Donna Lee said...

I like amy's books too and am looking forward to BitterMoon. I have always wondered what plums looked like on the tree. My maiden name was Plum and I got all kinds of taunts. I always wondered if we could grow them but I think it's too cold in the winter. They are truly beautiful.

Raven said...

Look at all those plums. What a great harvest. I miss summer.

Taphophile said...

Mmmmm plums. Spidey has a pickling plums colourway that comes very, very close. ;)

I made prunes for the first time this year and am addicted. Need more plums!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Tink, it sounds heavenly. It seems that the planets are aligned and everything is going well in Tink's world.

And yes....that would be a lovely colour for socks, hats, jumpers, scarves....etc....

Melinda said...

And thanks again for the lovely prize you sent me!!

I like your idea about plying a boring single with a more vivid one. I think i should do that next's just that I never really know which colours would look good together! I think i need to try some more adventurous colours. Better clashing than insipid, right? ;)