Friday, February 15, 2008

The Joy of Saturdays

Don’t you love Saturdays? The weekend stretches ahead of you, full of promise. This Saturday is especially special. Today is the Accountant’s birthday. This morning I woke early and went for a 30 minute walk (my third this week) and when I got back the kids and Accountant were stirring. We led him down to his birthday present and he was so excited!!

Although he really liked the DVD of ‘The Young Ones’, he was a bit surprised at 2 long pieces of wood in his present. So we lead him into the big room and there it was! A drum kit! I think most men of a certain age have fantasies about playing in a (insert preferred style of music here) band. Given the plethora of jokes about drummers, I thought drums might be the idea for a not terrifically musical man. He plays piano a bit and reads music but doesn’t really play any instruments. This is also the Accountant’s long held dream, and I think if someone with the drug ingestion history of Charlie Watts can do it – so can the Accountant. He hasn’t stopped smiling since he saw them – and has sneaked in there several times this morning for a tap!

I will also organise a few lessons – just to get him started!

Things are moving along on the knitting front. The first Nutkin is finished, the stocking stitch part of Bella is done and the shoulders sewn together. The front and bottom of the main bag for my bag swap partner is done. (No – no photos – I know you guys can’t keep secrets – look how you keep telling me about yarn bargains and sales!)

Speaking of sales I had 2 falls off the yarn buying wagon this week – although both were intended to happen rather later in the year, sales triggered them rather earlier. First, the Bendi Bargain Room had Cameo – but it was going rather swiftly, so I communicated with a kind, Bendigo based Raveller, sent her some cash and she purchased some for me and popped it in the post – it should get her next week. Thank you again, Mamasue!

The second yarn event was The Knittery having a sale. I am currently knitting the Nutkins from old (as in not the latest incarnation) Knittery Merino/cashmere yarn – in, from memory, Sea Life (a gorgeous spring green, turquoise and caramel colourway). I can’t tell you how lovely this is to knit – soft as soft, great stitch definition, no splitting! Beautiful! In addition, my lovely tea-cosy swap partner, Sheila, included a skein of their sock yarn in my parcel. Their yarn is just lovely – so I succumbed to the siren call of a sale!

A skein of chubby sock in Barley, merino cashmere in Bloody Mary and Autumn and slim sock in Royal Velvet are winging their way across Bass Strait and should arrive early next week. They won’t be counted in my Ins and Outs this week (neither will the Cameo) because it hasn’t actually reached here yet!


1 Vogue Knitting Mag
1 mug
5 metres material
1 Chenille bag kit (for class next weekend)


More bags mags etc (recycling)
4 balls sock yarn (ebay)
Socks, child’s backpack, 2 hats, 2 pairs toddler shoes (gift)

This week is good – the net loss is around 10 items.

But wait, there’s more! I still have enormous amounts of clutter to shift, and also need to do a little de-stashing. If I get a chance on My Free Monday (MFM) I will have a play in the stash, and see if more can be shifted!

The other nice present is that my Stepmother is going to look after the Princess and Destructoboy tonight, so we can go out to dinner. This is the third time in around 18 months, so is an exciting prospect and a lovely gift! Will report back later. Ciao!


Rose Red said...

Happy Birthday to the Accountant! Hope you have a lovely evening sans children!!

Love the Royal Velvet colour - am just a little envious...but being good! Good I say!

Alwen said...

Now I have "Young Ones" tag lines going through my head.

We have so much sun today, I'm not sure I can go outside without Blues Brothers sunglasses on. (It would help if I had Blues Brothers sunglasses.)

Anonymous said...

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TinkingBell said...

Please ignore the above comment by JASON and don't press the button! This is spam and I have enables the security feature - Sorry everyone!!

Amy Lane said...

Happy B-day to the accountant--you're right--every guy has wanted to play the drums or the guitar!!!

Enjoy your night off--how wonderful! And definitely enjoy the yarn!

Donna Lee said...

Spam sucks. I made the plunge and bought Peter Kevin a bodhran (Irish drum)for Christmas a few years ago. It's really lovely and has an interesting sound. He banged and banged on it for a while but now it only makes appearances once in a while. The girls wanted to strangle me when they heard I got him a drum. "Are you mad?!" I'll be the Accountant will really love them.

Lynne said...

Hope you both had a wonderful evening to top off a great day!

2paw said...

Happy Birthday to The Accountant and I hope you both had a lovely evening out!!! Drums: very cool. I hope he plays as well as Vivian would.
I have some Sea Life. It is divine. I haven't knitted it yet.
Hope tomorrow is a good MFM!!!!

amanda j said...

What a wonderful wife you are! I hope your dinner out was lovely. We don't get out much either!

Bells said...

The drum thing certainly holds true for the men in my family! Hubby, brother and father all adore drums and come over all giddy at the prospect of trying it out. My brother just got electric drums. You can put headphones on and not bother anyone. A godsend, I say!

Taphophile said...

A totally cool birthday - what a lucky Accountant he is.

Well done on the 7 things - hope you managed to enjoy your MFM. :)

Nora said...

Happt [belated] birthday to the Accountant! I hope it was agood one. :)


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Well it looks as though all is well in Tink's world.

Now if the kids are musically inclined, you can get a band together. You can manage them and travel all over the world.

MadMad said...

Wow. Now that is true love, giving your husband drums. (Your kids don't make enough noise? Clearly a case of not enough sugar in their diets, I'd say.) Hope he had a great day!