Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to have a Happy Monday!


The house is quiet. The computer is on and no-one is crawling all over me trying to get to the keyboard. It’s Tinkingbell’s child free Monday!

I have the latest VK (mmmm!). I have coffee. I have been into the local haberdasher and craft shop and bought fabric – because gorgeous fabric is 5 dollars a metre. Some de-stashing Lorna’s Laces arrived in the mail. I read my bloglines blogs, downloaded a couple of patterns, checked Rav, and sorted the Opal and Heirloom I’ve decided to destash on ebay.

Lorna's Laces in Goldhill

Lorna's Laces in Bucks Bar

I’m going out for lunch with the Accountant today. Two adults having lunch – with no children!! Goodness!!

The Nutkin progresses and one shoulder of Bella is done. I want to cast on my RSC sock. Here is the Dragon Dance yarn, and here again, nestled in the gorgeous project bag the Knighly Knitter made for me.

I have decided to work a little harder at becoming fitter and slimmer, and at regulating the stash. I’m not putting myself on a yarn diet, but I am going to attempt to make mindful purchases. Not all the yarn in the world REALLY needs to be mine. Some of it is meant for others. Sheep are unlikely to become bald tomorrow. I will think more about what I need!

The decluttering will continue.


The destashing Lorna’s Laces, Vesper, Yarn Ahoy, No No Kitty mentioned previously.
1 skein of sock fro the Spindle Tree
1 VK magazine
4 books (Hobart trip)
1 glass bowl (Hobart trip)
1 gorgeous project bag (gift)
3 tops (birthday gift from the Accountant)
Fabric (lots-ish – around 8 metres in total)

4 skeins Rowan 4 ply (prizes)
2 small project bags (prizes)
Pile of boxes, plastic containers, bottles etc (recycling)
3 pairs of shoes (rubbish)
5 tops, 1 skirt, 2 jumpers, 2 polar fleecies (Lifeline)

Off to lunch! Eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow we may de-tox!


zephyrama said...

Ah, a grown up lunch. How wonderful, and hopefully the start of a tradition.

2paw said...

Oh what a lovely Monday indeed!!! Real peoples' lunch, lovely sock wool, decluttering inning and outing!! Isn't it strange that we do all our new year thinking coming into the Autumn? It shouldn't be conducive to new starts, but somehow it is!!

Lynne said...

I hope it was as good as it sounds!

Amy Lane said...

Really--grown-up conversation? What's that like... I mean I've had a few, recently... but they're usually at 1:00 am, and we seem to be falling asleep when we're having them.

I could look at Lorna's Laces in the sunshine all day...

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

What a lovely Monday! And doesn't it feel so liberating to turn around and _not_ step on a small person who is demanding food/ toys/ attention/ front-line negotiation skills???
Yay for a great day!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Oh Tink...that sounds like a lovely day. Sounds like you had your very own Jejune day. Good for you!

Alwen said...

Man, you can love 'em, but every so often it's nice to have a little time away.

Some awfully pretty yarn there.

amanda j said...

Sounds lovely!

What gorgeous yarns.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I have to latest socks were made by Lion Brand not Heirloom Jigsaw (I do have 2 skeins of that). Just goes to show you that colour scemes just keep repeating themselves no matter who makes the sock yarn.

MadMad said...

I know you were looking forward to your Monday and it sounds awesome! Hope it went that way, too!

'Course now I have images of bald sheep burned into my retinas and adding to my already long list of worries... but I'll persevere somehow.

Nellie said...

Have you started your STR dragon dance sock? I've been terribly slack, but have just got the new colourway and pattern and am thinking it looks divine!