Monday, February 17, 2014

Coping with abundance!

Autumn is not far away.  The harvest is just starting to kick into gear, and the 6 zucchini plants have just started to really hit their straps!

There are currently 36 Zucchini and Banana Lunchbox Muffins in the oven, and zucchini appears to have been making an appearance in some form in most meals.  The kids have decided that they really like Zucchini Slice, either hot or cold; yesterday I made 100 calorie soup in the Thermomix (carrots, zucchini - of course - onion, garlic. herbs, capsicum and a tin of tomatoes and some chicken stock, all whizzed up); ratatouille; and barbecued zucchini.  Zucchini may also creep into curries (Butter chicken - with zucchini and spinach), bolognese, pasta sauces and anything else I can think of.

A few years ago, I made a collection of zucchini recipes, just to deal with the bounty.  Zucchini and corn relish , of course, but apart from the muffins, and the apple and zucchini muffins, two other favourites are the zucchini and blueberry loaf, and zucchini and lemon biscuits.

I actually really like zucchini, but I confess to needing some inspiration to get the rest of the troops eating it!

Of course, now the plums are about to come on.  That means plum cakes, plum tarts and all things plummy.  Unfortunately we are still working our way through last years plum sauce, so that one won't be happening this year.  And then it will be tomatoes.  I am eagerly awaiting the tomato bounty because I ran out of the frozen roasted tomato sauce which is my base for pizza, pasta and just about everything else.

In other domesticity, my 34 year old Janome died.  This was a sad day, because I was given the sewing machine by my father when I went to university, in lieu of a clothing allowance.  I made and designed lots of clothes, theatrical costumes, and basic wardrobe items as well as gifts.  Granted, it hadn't been used much in the last 12 months, but it made me sad.  I still have the machine, but the foot control is well and truly cactus.

The Accountant actually made my protest when, after much internet searching and being unable to find a replacement foot control, I announced that I would be buying a new machine.  So, I now have a Husky in the house.  So far it has sewn up one Lily dress, two sundresses for the Princess, a range of hems, and is about to sew up another Lily and a pinafore.  Yay!

Enough for now.  I'd be interested in more zucchini and plum recipes, and finding out new ways of dealing with the bounty.  Plum jam may be in my future, and I think I may need extra hours in the day for the domestic side of life!


2paw said...

The tomatoes are late this year, abundance is just kicking into my friends' gardens. I am going to make some tomato sauce (condiment) tomorrow. I quite like zucchini fritters, I had them for breakfast.
Happy new machine, I am glad it is going so well.

Rose Red said...

One of my friends made pizza with a zucchini base the other day -from here:
She said it was very tasty!

Lois said...

I put grated zucchini in my rissoles...makes them nice & moist. You can make them in advance & freeze for when needed.