Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deja Vu all over again!

Here I am - good intentions at the ready.  We'll see how it goes.  Last year, as soon as I resolved to blog again, I ended up working and life just took over my - well, my life, really!

Last year seems to have been a blur of work, children, family and always running as fast as I could just to stay still.

The Christmas break has given me a chance to catch a breath.  So, last year I was a chauffeur and cheerleader for the family.  Watched innumerable junior games of hockey while freezing my bum off on an outdoor concrete grandstand, including a couple in torrential rain and one evening in a sea fog which eerily swallowed the small hockey players and most of the game.  I find myself selfishly hoping that the kids don't want to play hockey this year (or, at least, that they get a roof on the grandstand).

Destructoboy played soccer, Princess sang, in choirs and as a soloist - and started singing lessons and then the singing teacher moved.  Dammit dammit.  Destructoboy started guitar lessons, Princess took a break from piano - well, she refused to practice, so it was more like a recognition of the situation.  Both kids want to do Tae Kwan Do this year.  I have a yellow belt from a long ago time when I was young and had a crush on a black belt.....  Maybe I'll go along, too.

I knitted.  15 adult garments, some socks, some shawls and a baby jacket.  Somewhat more yarn came in than was knitted, so I need to ensure that this balance is redressed.  I finished 20,000m worth of knitting last year.  Just.  With slightly over an hour left.  I even finally managed to take some pictures for my Ravelry project pages!  They look a little less unpopulated now!

So, 2014 needs to be at least tepid sheep.  We'll see how that goes.

What else has happened?  I have seen a little bit of KnightlyKnitter and her family.  I have attacked some of the accumulated crap which has collected in the house and am engaged in filling wheelie bins with rubbish and recycling.  I decided on a minimalist approach to the veggie garden, and have been picking rainbow chard, rhubarb and zucchinis, laughing at the ridiculous number of volunteer pumpkins which sprouted from the compost I spread, and been gently encouraging to the tomatoes and watermelons.

I have been either walking or riding my bike most days.  My knees appear to have decided that they don't like jogging, so I have slowed down to a brisk walk, instead.  Very little travel happened in 2013, once we returned from the UK.  Bendigo, of course with the Hustler Street Posse - even though we no longer stay at Hustler's Road; a weekend with the Princess in Melbourne to see King Kong for her birthday, and a trip to Queensland because we insisted on tagging along when the Accountant went up there on business.

Life rolls on, kids get bigger and busier and school is just around the corner again.  The first month of the year is almost finished, and I have another pile of accumulated detritus from several lives to sort.  Au revoir, until next time!


Kate Reid said...

It is so very much like that, isn't it? You will note that my January 4th post was published 3 weeks later...
Good luck with the school preparations - I have to do the Great Uniform Checking Session this weekend, to ensure that each child has enough clothing to decently attend their respective schools.
And now to make some jam... that would be life happening again!

Rose Red said...

I have been a bit slack on the blogging front too. Life takes over doesn't it! Especially with kids and activities and so on. But nice to hear from you every so often!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Believe it or not I've decided to come out of blogging retirement. Good to see you back and look forward to hearing about your wonderful kids.

ps. did distructo boy erase my mii or did he change it around so much that I look like some wild creature.