Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indian Summer

The lovely Kate at Kiss My Frog gave me this award a little while ago (and it's not that I forgot, I just kept getting distrac....look - a bunny!) Sorry - and I was very happy to get such a nice award. Now I have to pass it on. Kate has already mentioned some of the people I would have named, so in order to spread the love a bit I thought I'd try and link you up with some new names.

Miss Cindy2paw and her gorgeous labby friends is an obvious one - crafty, friendly and always something wonderful in her blog
QuiltingMick - Crochet liberationist, crafter and enabler - always one to watch
Zephyrama - not posting as much these days, but always interesting when she does
Yarning to Write - with Amy you always get something unexpected - bits of a new book, children, cuteness and cussing - all in one great package
A Little Bit Crafty - can you believe someone can knit THAT small!
MadmadHousewife - the glories of yarn, wine and children (not necessarily in that order)
Last but definitely not least, Julie the Samurai Knitter - I never come away from reading her blog without having learned something surprising!

I even have an FO to blog

Here is the Raglan Jacket
Adapted from the topdown raglan cardigan recipe (but turned into a swing jacket)
7 skeins of Manos del Uruguay wool I scored in a Ravelry de-stash
The 5 buttons were 5 cents each in one of those button bargain tins in haberdashery shops where you trawl through to try and find some that match

Love it - lovely and warm and gorgeous selection og colours.

Obviously, monogamous knitting on Wips, instead of Knitlottotm means you actually get things finished.
Next stop - Cherie Amour and the last sleeve and a half

In other news, by the end of tomorrow I will be unemployed and I'm quite looking forward to it. I'm excited and already thinking of all the things I will be able to do.

This weekend quinces will be becoming both jelly and paste (a great recipe which boils the quinces and then turns the liquid into jelly and the pulp into paste - and the paste takes ages and needs welders gloves because it spits sugar and quince which sticks to your skin and burns the way toffee does.) Paste takes around 3 hours.

I will also pick walnuts - we usually end up with between 35 and 50kgs of walnuts - we have 21 mature trees - and pick over the apples and think about making another batch of roasted tomato sauce. I'm not sure if I have squirrel (hoard hoard hoard for winter) or bear (eat store eat) tendencies at this time of the year. Probably squirrel - I'm too much of an insomniac to be a bear. I use the harvest to feed us and try and capture autumn and summer in the depths of winter.

So far, we are having an indian summer. It is balmy and gently breezy and the breeze is warm. I know that there is only 1 month till winter officially begins. I must think about knitting......


Rose Red said...

Yay for unemployment! (you know what I mean!)

Love the term knitlotto - must adapt it for myself!! But agree, project monogamy is the way to get things finished. It still surprises me when that happens though!

m1k1 said...

Well. I am honoured to be the recipient of one of your Kreativ Blogger awards. I acknowledge my blogs aren't that creative, but I do my best with the crafty bit.

Michelle said...

Hey thanks for the award! And thanks for the honour of being called "crocheter liberationist!" I shall hold my head up high.

I'm with RR on the big yay for unemployment. May be facing it myself next week, at this stage, and I'm oddly not too sad about it!

2paw said...

Oh you are too too kind!! Your jacket s lovely but I can only focus on the Five Cent Butons!! Way to go. I shall be thinking of you and your un-employment: Happy Unemployment!!! Good luck with your next Knitlotto(tm) project!!
The weather has been beautiful today, even a bit too warm. I am looking forward to rain at the weekend!!

Geek Knitter said...

Love the colors of that Manos!

amy said...

Oh to think of going out and harvesting your own walnuts! How cool! And apples. That just seems to beg for something apple-y and nutty and drizzled with some sort of caramel. Topped with vanilla ice cream, of course.

Julie said...

Thanks for the award! I feel all educational now.

Beautiful jacket. Love it. Top down, you say? Any suggestions on what to read, if someone wanted to design top down jackets? I'd love to know.

MadMad said...

Oh, tankyouveddymuch for that pretty award! You sweater looks great, too! I love hearing about all your "harvesting." It puts me in mind of my childhood favorite: Little House on the Prairie, and how they'd get all ready for the oncoming winter... (Your foods sound way better than theirs, though... unless you have a headcheese stored up in your attic?)

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

You are more than welcome, lovey!

Love the new cardi! The colours are just scrumptious, and the buttons are perfect, made even more fabu by the price.

Unemployment does have its joys - I'm busier than ever these days! As you will shortly be, from the sound of things. But you should stop with the harvest recitation. Seriously. I'm teetering right on the brink of abandoning my family and swimming Bass Strait in my PJ's just so I can live on your doorstep and eat walnuts and quince paste.

Lynne said...

You're going to be too busy to be employed outside the home!!

Good luck.

BTW, does that FO count as a textured knit?

Nora said...

Look - a bunny!! :)

Congratulations on your award. Unemployment = more knitting time!


Cat said...

I love the Jacket! Raglan Recipe? IS that a south of the equator thing?! LOL
Wish I was unemployed... wow .... knitting time... time to knit ... ahhhh!

Donna Lee said...

You inspire me to plant and can something this year! I like to savor the tastes of summer all during the winter. This year, I'm determined. At least some tomatoes.....

Amy Lane said...

SQUEEEEE!!!! I won a prize! (For being a schizophrenic goober, no less--wow--who knew when THAT would come in handy!) Thank you, Tink, and right backatcha (minus the cussing, and good for you!)

I love the FO-- Manos is a favorite of mine, and you did it proud! I've never been a canner--but I do like homemade stuff. (My mom cans... she's good of it!)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Amazing how sticking to something makes it finish faster - perhaps I should try it?

disa said...