Saturday, February 14, 2009

Honeeeeey!!! We're Home!

We're back.

Tasmania is back to it's normal sort of summer weather. South Australia was sweltering with 6 days in a row of over 40 and one of those days registered 49 where we were staying. That sort of weather would kill a brown dog.

I did however get time to both knit and drink wine - two of my favourite hobbies! Bleow we have (top to bottom) Waving Lace in Socks That Rock Seastone, Mojos in Yarn Pirate BFL and Circle Socks in Cerry Tree Hill Supersock Champlain Sunset. This was a chance to bring out my inner colour tart - not a difficult proposition.

I have 2 other socks also, but will post them when they have friends!

I have fallen behind on blogpost reading and am frantically trying to catch up. I'm also waaaay behind on Ravelry but am trying to catch up there too.

The Princess starts grade 1 tomorrow, a week behind the rest of the class, and Destructoboy starts kindergarten on Tuesday. My big grown up children.

The SILs pool was a very popular place while we were staying there - she and her partner are both incredibly patient and prepared to be assaulted by small people on a regular basis.

I go back to work on Tuesday, with new clothes from a certain incident involving a sale and will post more later. The cake is cooked and I am just about to do the next layer of a cassata!



Bells said...

Welcome home! Socks and wine - two fabulous hobbies.

Hope the first days of school go well!

2paw said...

There's no place like home!! Beautiful socks, they show no sign of drinking. Hope school and the job go well this week!!

Rose Red said...

Welcome back - we missed you! Nice lot of knitting there - yay! good luck for school, and work!

Lynne said...

DD and SIL returned from honeymooning in Tasmania on Saturday. You'll be pleased to know they LOVED it!

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Welcome home! Been thinking of you, hoping the heatwave and fires didn't cause you dramas. Glad you had a good time. :)

Donna Lee said...

Welcome home. It sounds like a productive vacation but was it fun? Good luck with the first day of school.

Geek Knitter said...

If I had mixed socks and wine I fear the results would have been dire!

Welcome back!

Jejune said...

Welcome back, hope the kids are enjoying school, and you're enjoying work. No doubt that was the TS 14+ sale?? Hmmmm? Fess up .... ;)

Alwen said...

I have a pair of socks that pooled at the toe in a similar way, so that if I hold my feet side by side one flows into the other!

Amy Lane said...

So glad you're back-- and so sorry it took me this long to check the blog!