Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First. The knitting news'

The show off stranded socks are finished - a fun knit and I adore the Blue Monn yarn - Socks that Rock mediumweight - makes great boot socks ready for winter.

Next, a WIP

Cherie Amour from Knitty.com, in Shadow tweed from Wangaratta and what should be a bulky and quick knit. Folks, this took 5 tries - either I didn't leave enough tail in the cast on, or I couldn't count to 12 - 5 tries - Finally fixed the problem by using stitch markers. I like the pattern and I think it will be a nice autumn jumper.

This gorgeousness is the Shetland triangle (finally, you all sigh, better pictures!)

Isn't it gorgeous?

13 pattern repeats, Wollmeise 80/20 in Indisch Rot ran out of yarn halfway through the cast off! Had to raid the Christmas sock club yarn which was similar (though darker reds) - a very lucky save! I was not looking forward to frogging the edging.

Currently on the needles are 2 pairs of socks - the self designed toe ups in Lorna's laces (more details to follow at some point) the first of which is almost finished.

Have just cast on the Lighthouse Gansey Socks. I went to Princess's Milo cricket on Saturday WITHOUT MY KNITTING! Luckily I had both the emergency knitting and the car knitting, o I was safe, but it has made me a little paranoid.

I am about to cast on another pair of socks, the Blackrose socks, because I saw Bells version and fell hopelessly in love. I just happen to have some Thraven sock yarn wound into a yarn cake. Fancy that!

I also have a Gathered Pullover, for mindless stocking stitch knitting, a scarf and a stash. I think I need to knock over some WIPs. I want another Clapotis and the Long Lacey Summer is almost over. Most of my lace ahs been socks (apart fromt he Shetland Triangle and Cherie. There's always time for shawls over winter.

Other news.

I finally get to see my dentist tomorrow after 5 weeks of intermittent agony due to biting down on something on the second day of our holiday and doing something nasty to a tooth. It would convice me it was OK until a weekend, or at night. i was glad to get home and call my dentist, but an emergency appointment was for 2 weeks in the future. I am tired of pain and painkillers and will be pleased to have it fixed.

Thanks to the positive vibes and good wishes of you all, the Accountant is OK. He needs to have regular 3 monthly check ups for a while, but I am considering him OK, for all intents and purposes.

The munchkins are back at school and enjoying it. Destructoboy loves kindi and the Princess is happy with the new male (gasp) grade 1 teacher.

We spent Sunday de-cluttering 1 room! So we are well and truly into the decluttering stakes. I have bought no yarn since my last post (although I have got 3 books incoming) and am continuing to find things to love in my stash. Alwen is right, all those yummy yarns inspire me no end and I remember all the plans I had for them. But like all addictions, I'm taking it day by day!


Rose Red said...

Oh gosh, the shawl looks GORGEOUS! love!!

I've done the same thing with cast-ons - tail not long enough - gah!!

Well done on no yarn purchases!! We should have a competition!

Leonie said...

Those socks are beautiful, saw them over at Southern Summer and had to come look at what else you have been knitting, the shawl is gorgeous. Makes me want one, but I'll have to finish the one on the needles first!

2paw said...

The shawl is beauteous!! I think the 2 colours don't even show, well I can't tell!! Lovely socks.
Oh you poor thing, hope the tooth is fixed soon. Tooth ache is awful.
Glad the Accountant is well, very happy for you!!
Nice to know school is going well and the decluttering too!!!

varun said...

nice stuff!!Shawls and Scarves

MadMad said...

Whoa, that is a lot of knitting going on! (I especially liked the line about forgetting your knitting, but still having the emergency AND car knitting available! That is too good!) I made a Cherie Amour! It is fun, and FAST. And unfortunately, on me, too small... I should redo that one, since I did have left over yarn. Maybe someday. For now it just looks nice in my closet. The shawl is STUNNING! Love it! And love the sock pattern, too!

Michelle said...

Oh. Dear. That shawl is STUNNING. And the socks!

So glad the Accountant is on the mend - and fingers crossed for good scans in the future!

Donna Lee said...

So very glad to hear about the Accountant! We'll take our good news where we can get it.

The shawl looks beautiful. What a wonderful warm color. I'm going to make those socks, too. But I want to use handspun like the pattern originally specified. So, I guess I better get to work.....

Geek Knitter said...

So much lovely knitting! And I love the fact that you had both emergency and car knitting to see you through.

What wonderful news about the Accountant!

amy said...

Just reading about all those WIPs makes me anxious! I can't really handle when I have more than oh, four projects going, maybe? :-) But I have a queue a mile long.

Glad to hear about the Accountant.

And now I'm off to check out that Cherie Amour pattern!

kms said...

oh look at that shawl! is there anything the wollmeise cant do! so busy you have been, and so productive. lovely, everything.

Amy Lane said...

Yay! You're blogging again! (Okay, I know you've posted a couple of times since you got back, but I got out of the habit of checking when y ou were on holiday!)

The FO's are LOVELY--that shetland triangle takes my breath away! (And we both seem to have some serious attraction to the uber-brights...mmmmm...) And yay for destructoboy in Kindergarten--it's a good age!!! (Same age as Big Q!)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

it must be the season - kids' dental checkups yesterday, appts made for April, and terrible doses of start-itis...
Deeply envious of your fabulous shawl - must pull mine out and remember where I was up to...
glad to see you finding time to blog
and BTW, today's word verification:
I kid you not.