Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why are people so cruel...?

Well thank you all for prompting some memories!!

How could I have forgotten Blake’s 7 or Red Dwarf? Or Space 1999, or Lost in Space or any one of the others you've reminded me of? One of my earliest memories is watching Doctor Who (the very first Doctor) while recovering from a mump and measles in 1964! (That memory and the one of waiting for the blue balloon I had swallowed to *ahem* reappear are my very earliest).

On the knitting front, stuff has been happening – friends of ours had a baby 2 weeks early and I’ve knitted a top down seamless baby Kimono for him and a certain Canberra Blogger had her bump early on Saturday morning and I have something on the needles for her – will post photos after blocking!

I am always convinced that I have heaps of time (especially for baby knitting) and that it will actually take me no time at all to knit baby stuff (knitting fairies, anyone?).

This is, of course, always wrong. This attitude of mine will explain why the recipients of these baby gifts will get them in the next week or so. Mind you, having a baby 2 weeks early is just inconsiderate, because I really thought I had heaps of time, and I’m sure baby stuff takes no time to knit…..

I must learn to spin. I must learn to spin because I won Mandie’s ‘What’s Ewe Name?’ competition and she sent me gorgeous fibre as the prize. She also sent me some fabulous sock yarn which she had custom milled and has not yet dyed all of. Immediately harass her, because the stuff she sent me was absolutely gorgeous and was indescribably beautiful colours. Here is my loot!

In addition, I had a brain explosion and bought some Wollmeise from a lady who was de-stashing Until I received this skein I thought it was completely mythical- like dragons and people who can knit lace without looking at it. It is real and lovely!

I also suffered some sort of breakdown and bought more Malabrigo – just in case sheep go bald – or it takes them months to build up stock after their fire.

And then my LYS had a 40% off everything sale!

I have no defences against this type of cruelty. How can I resist!

Remember – keep those comments coming- you’ve got three days until my blogiversary deadline. There will be prizes!

Oh – and I think Firefly and Serenity were wonderful, and Angel and Buffy kick ass!


Rose Red said...

Lovely yarn, all of it! You are incorrigible, aren't you!!

Amy Lane said...

The hand-dyed is breathtaking--and you can never have too m uch malabrigo!!1

(Firefly & Serenity...ohhhhhh BABY! You said the magic words...LOVE Serenity. L.U.R.V. LOVE that movie!)

2paw said...

There's all that yarn out there just waiting for a good home!!
YOU are cruel, making me think of all the shows I can't possibly watch at once, and all the books I can't read at the same time!!!

MadMad said...

Hm. I think I know now why I like you so much. You are crazier than even I in your acquiring abilities.

And, of course, you also happen to have such good taste.

Bells said...

So when are you going to be responsible and admit you have a problem, Tink?

TinkingBell said...

Problem - no problem here - move along - nothing to see here!

Donna Lee said...

You trying to out-stash Georgie? That's a tall order but you seem to be up for it. Beautiful purchases and of course, absolutely necessary.

Zarebski said...
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Nora said...

I, too, believe that I can knit baby things at the speed of light, only to be utterly disappointed [and very late with the gifts].

Beautiful wool - all of it.
[I love how all the Aussies are now calling it yarn.]


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

40% 0ff. Against such a thing as this, there is no defence.

kms said...

you are turning into a bit of a george on the stash front - all very beautiful! also your phone call re a certain wollmeise sale caused quite a flurry at knitting camp, was very funny!