Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honey, I'm Ho-ome!

Well, the washing is done, the kidlets are back at school and childcare, some of the catching up with your blogs is done, and life is returning to normal after the holiday.

It was a lovely holiday. I nearly finished the Dublin Bay Socks while we were away (did the toe decreases on sock 2 last night) and did half of 1 Francie.

I have discovered some important truths about holiday knitting.

You CAN knit when:
1. You are in a hammock;
2. Drinking cocktails (but don’t attempt lace after the second one);
3. Riding in a high speed ferry in rough weather;
4. Sitting by the pool;
5. Sitting on the verandah;
6. Waiting on the beach for the family to wake up in the morning.

You CANNOT knit when:
1. You are snorkelling;
2. You are eating dinner with your husband by candlelight under the stars (well, maybe I could have, but it just didn’t seem the right time somehow);
3. You are waiting at the bottom of the waterslide to catch children;
4. You are in the pool with children;
5. You are learning to dive;
6. You are clutching the sides of a speed boat;
7. You are cleaning up vomit;
8. You are vomiting;
9. You are making sand castles;
10. You are kayaking in choppy seas;
11. You are trying to climb onto a slippery pontoon because you have just discovered you are snorkelling alone with a largish shark and your powers of levitation have failed;
12. You are sitting on a pontoon a LOOOOONG way from shore trying to work out how to get into a kayak without falling into the water you have just got out of because you discovered you were sharing it with a 2 metre shark. (Granted, the shark didn’t seem that interested, but we’d like to keep it that way, wouldn’t we?)

We had fun. No-one got sunburnt, the children are totally waterlogged – every day meant time in the water until wrinkled and prune-like. Fiji is a great place to go with children – it’s pretty close so the flight is short, kids love it, the locals love kids, it’s really relaxed and the food is good.

Additionally, when we arrived home there were some parcels waiting for me.

The incomparable Donyale had returned some yarn which I had sent her for dyeing, but included a Berocco pattern booklet I was lusting after and some Knitpicks cables. You are a wonderful woman - and will be rewarded! She dyed the yak and wool sock yarn with her 'Wicked Witch' colourway.

My second order from The Loopy Ewe had arrived

My rash order from WEBS sale arrived in a big box (2 jumpers worth of Cascade 220 – a dark grey and an aqua and a jumpers worth of Gedifra cotton merino in bright red) .

And Yarn 10 – with my article in it.

A lovely holiday – but it’s very nice to be home!


Michelle said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you loved Fiji. The lovely weather is a bit hard to handle, non?

Bells said...

You just included that list of things to boast about all the wonderful stuff you did, didn't you?

Oh and don't get me started on the yarn p)rn. Too jealous for words.

Donni is a good egg, isn't she?

TinkingBell said...

That's right Bells - especially the bit about cleaning up vomit!!!

Donni said...

Yep - that's me - the good egg....heh heh....sounds all positively horrible. Wish we were there....away from the rain and closer to the shark...but not the vomit.

gemma said...

Ah the joys of travelling with children!
welcome home, just in time for the antarctic winter blowing round the island.

Rose Red said...

You didn't even need to post pics or anything to make me jealous! Can't wait for my own little trip to Fiji in August!!

Mmm, yummy yarn - now you've got lots of perfect knitting weather, I'm sure!

zephyrama said...

It's just not a holiday with out the vomit. ;)I'm glad you did get some knitting done thou.

kms said...

how come you cant knit when youre snorkelling? there must be a way surely....

Alwen said...

Sounds lovely, leaving out the vomit.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Aside from the vomit, I really want to be you.

Donna Lee said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful vacation. Mom and Dad and kidlets all had a good time. Those are the best.

Amy Lane said...

OMG--you come home to yarn? I come home to the fruit I had out for the trip that I forgot to take!

It sounds like a LOVELY time--and I'm so glad you and the shark decided that you were not interested in each other...your blog post was completely interesting without that, thank you very much!!! (Including the vomit--I've done there, been that, thank you very much!)

MadMad said...

Welcome home! But I'm certain if you worked a little harder at it, you surely could find a way to knit and vomit. Clearly, you're just not trying hard enough! You're going to need to make every knitting minute count if you're ever going to make a dent in that stash of yours!