Friday, December 7, 2007

Shoesday + 1

I scored 97% on this test, but seem completely unable to paste it over while trying to leave a stupid dating service ad behind - so you'll just have to believe me and pop on over to Frog Ponds Rock to take the test yourself.

Well, as you can see, I am officially a Drunkard – did this little test a few days ago, courtesy of Frog Ponds Rock and discovered what I have suspected for a long time! Although I have been known to enjoy the odd wine, I actually think my knowledge came from years as a barmaid and cocktail waitress, as most of the drunks I know have no idea of the origin of their grog, they just like to drink it!

In honour of RoseRed and her telepathic powers, here for Shoesday + 1 are the shoes she made me buy – merely by thinking about it, 3 states away. It is still Shoesday somewhere in the world, I’m sure!

Aren’t they lovely – the heels look like kitten heels in profile, but are actually wide and they are really comfortable – the gorgeous little strap can go over your foot or behind your heel – I adore them and am seriously thinking that a pair in every colour would be a wise investment! Who said I was easily influenced!

This the front of my silk garden swing jumper (from the Ink Flared Sweater design at Black Dog Knits).

And this is the back. Although as they are both the same it is entirely notional and some days I may just feel like wearing fire colours, and simply turn it around!

And this was a gift from the lovely and blogless Jill. Norah Gaughns Asymetrical Cardigan from a Vogue Knitting (last year I think) in Bendigo Alpaca in Matrix. She actually knitted it for herself, was unhappy with the hang and gifted it to me!!! Aren’t I lucky – it really is exquisite, and although it currently isn’t alpaca weather, I predict much wear in Autumn and winter next year!

We are definitely in the Countdown to Christmas phase of the year. Today was the Playgroup breakup and visit from Santa. This provoked enormous excitement and a huge sugar overload! But everyone had a great time- and I wore my new shoes!

Sunday was circus in the park. The Princess performed admirably. As predicted all 10 small clowns forgot most of what they were meant to be doing – but they looked really cute and had such fun, it really didn’t matter! On the trapeze, the Princess remembered everything, and did it well, so was made much of. It was a lovely day out except for a little mild sunburn (despite me trying to slather lots on I must have missed 2 spots!) My fair Welsh skin will add more freckles – at present I hope to have escaped the rather attractive red and peel phase. I do not tan, and do not bother to try – I believe in hats, sunscreen and long sleeve shirts – but apparently can’t put sunscreen on unless in front of a mirror!

Friday is the last swimming lesson, next week is school breakup and picnic and then it’s really Christmas and summer. Just to put the icing on the metaphorical cake – the Princess is likely to be on the school float in our local Christmas Parade. She is quite beside herself and has to be sternly reminded about being good! The Christmas parade is usually the Saturday before Christmas but has been brought forward this year. It is at 6pm and is followed by a free community sausage sizzle and carols by candlelight in the local park. Lots of fun, and we are regulars (except when it rains).

Christmas and my hundredth post are both appearing on the horizon. I wonder which will strike first?


Taphophile said...

Shoes - lovely; silk swing jumper - divine; Norah Gaughan assymetrical jacket - couldn't happen to a nicer person!

So glad your Princess enjoyed her trapeze and the clowns were fun.

The kids here are currently counting down to the end of school. The girls finish on Friday and Connor the week after. Apparently Nanna has elves to help with Christmas preparation.

Rose Red said...

Oh yay for generous blogless Jill - that is lovely! And lovely swing jumper and fab-o shoes!! (yes, I think a pair in every colour makes a world of sense!!)

And I have to send a huge THANK YOU to you - you know what for!!

Bells said...

Oh you've been around long enough to be nearly at 100 posts! Wow! I don't remember a world before Tinkingbell!

Gorgeous shoes. I do love those little kitten heels so much. A big fan.

That swing jumper is fabulous!

Nora said...

Love the square toe and the swing jumper IS entirely notional... you crack me up! It looks great, btw. x


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I think that meeting Santa is the perfect occasion to wear your new shoes. I love the swing jumper....but then it is made with what's not to love. And the jacket...I'm envious :)

Donna Lee said...

They are great shoes. I think ones in every color is an admirable quest. Christmas is coming so fast I can't stand it. I love the excitement and I think I am worse than the kids.

Amy Lane said...

I had a really great reply, but blogger ate it! Let me try again!

Hooray for Princess,
And pageantry bright,
Hooray for sweaters
That don't fit friends quite right,
Hooray for colors
That look great two ways
Hooray for summers
And Christmas Holidays.
Hooray for blogger
Which allows us to share
And Hooray for Tinkingbells
And all she's said there.

(Okay...that just came out of nowhere--it's nothing near what I tried to post before, but if blogger eats THIS one, I promise violence!)