Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas and Resolutions

New Years Eve already!!!

OK – whoever stole November please step forward!

Well, Christmas has been and gone (‘Already!’ sigh some, and ‘Again’ moan others) and brought its usual goodwill and pressies. My present were wonderful – just what I asked for from the Accountant (well, I had given him a list, with those things I especially wanted highlighted) and some great surprises (thank you Happy Spider, Taph, Rosered and Kate). I ate too much and didn’t drink quite enough (although there was a magnum of Moet supplied by my SIL and her partner on Boxing Day!). There was travel – there always is for us – and catching up with family.

The best bits – having my SIL stay (the Accountant’s sister) and bring her partner, both much loved by the kids; the expressions on the Princess’s and Destructoboy’s faces as they opened their Christmas Stockings – filled by Santa some time on Christmas eve, them again as they started practicing on the little bicycle with training wheels from Grandad and Nana, and their sheer unalloyed joy at the whole Christmas thing, from Princess being Mary on the Kindergarten float in the Christmas parade, all the way through to massive trampoline bouncing everyday since Boxing day!

In addition, because the Accountant is on holiday, I slipped off to the movies yesterday and saw my first film on the big screen since Chicago was released (around 5 years ago). There were about 10 people in the cinema on Sunday morning to watch The Golden Compass and I was one of them. Just for the record, I loved it (although this maybe partially because I was alone and could watch with the guilty pleasure of having slipped the leash). I adored Lyra’s knitted jacket – a mohair silk mix I would guess – while she was with the Gyptians. I also loved the fact that I saw it on the big screen instead of waiting for DVD release, for the fact there are likely to be 2 more, for the fabulous casting and for the fact I want to re-read (for the umpteenth time) the books. I was also rather glad to see that ‘Prince Caspian’ will be released in winter – I might have to book the babysitter to ensure I see that one!

I also received my teacosy swap parcel from the wonderful Sheila – she matched my kitchen colours absolutely perfectly and sent fabulous biscuits, chai, a whale tea towel from Canada and a skein of gorgeous Watercolour sock yarn from the Knittery! How lucky and spoilt I felt (and it arrived just before Christmas!)

I spent a very pleasant few hours over Christmas finally getting out the ball winder and swift I bought from Donny back in November (I think) and peacefully wound 29 skeins of sock yarn into balls. This made me realise I have rather a lot of sock yarn, given that I didn’t ball all of it, and this didn’t count any of the commercial yarns already in balls or those thoughtfully wound for me by hand painters and dyers. So please see the New Year Yarn Resolution a post or so back.

I did enjoy the winding, there’s something wonderful in watching a small piece of relatively simple machinery do its job gracefully and perfectly. I made gorgeous yarn cakes one after another – lovely.

On the knitting front, the band of the Bella Blouse grows immensely slowly – I am lucky to get four repeats (of the 32 I need) done in a night, as I apparently cannot count to 15 after 6pm. I have finished 1 Kaibashira sock in Fleece artist Somoko and love it and the pattern (and the little frilly cuff which takes ages and starts with 187 stitches), and think I need a mindless large project at some point soon.

The Princess coined a lovely word yesterday – ‘Stupideous’! I think this will be a very useful term and I intend to use it often for those things in life which are both stupid and hideous!

I forgot to mention Kate’s Pay it Forward scheme, in which I am participating in 2008. The first 3 people who request to be part of this on my blog will receive a handmade something or other during 2008. In order to receive this whatever-it-might-be, you must do the same – ask 3 people to participate and receive an item, and make something for another 3 people. I love the idea and am sure that being knitters, we will provide something just when it is needed!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year! Enjoy the last of 2007 and thanks for sticking with me this year!


Taphophile said...

Glad it went well for you all and especially that the Princess got to be Mary - so jealous, I was always a Wiseman or the Innkeeper.

Donna Lee said...

The princess looks lovely on the float. I made the kaibashira socks and the cast on 187 stitches really threw me at first but I loved the pattern. I got a ball winder for christmas and had the best time winding yarn into balls. Even yarn already in skeins went into cakes. Simple things amuse simple minds! Happy New year to you and your family.

Rose Red said...

Happy New Year to you! I can't believe you wound 29 balls, my arm gets sore doing one!!

zephyrama said...

29 balls!
Yah for the tea cosy swap, I got to eat the rejected, slightly over cooked biscuits from Sheila and watch your tea cosy grow!

Georgie said...

Sounds like a fabulous time over xmas, and Happy New Year to you all!

I LOVE stupideous - I think I can find plenty of use for it around here!

2paw said...

Happy New Year!!! Sounds like you all had a perfectly wonderful time. I can't remember what I was in the Christmas play, I think I was a narrator as I read well and could remember my lines!!
Knitting?? Far too hot here to knit, it is 32* at 9-05pm and not looking like getting any cooler. The heat hath murdered any chance of knitting or sleep!!! Glad you are keeping the knitting faith!!

kms said...

happy new year, personally i would swap the beach shack for tassie any day but someone i know complains about the cold (ie, anything less than 15 degress. sigh). and stupideous should be THE word of 2008. i think i will be using it a lot. please thank the princess for me xxx

MadMad said...

What a great Christmas! I'm so glad you got the wonderful one you deserved! Stupideous is great! And look how cute she looks as Mary!

(Oh! And can you believe how much knitting there was in The Golden Compass!? The hats! The sweaters! They could do a book of patterns!) Happy New Year!

frog ponds rock... said...

Stupideous what a brilliant word..I am pleased you had a great Christmas.. The Princess looked great as Mary *sigh* I was a shepherd hehehe

cheers kim