Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twenty10 - It's a Year, not a Game (or maybe it is a game.....)

Happy 2010 everyone (insert sounds of fireworks, party poppers, sirens etc here).

I went to bed before midnight, but got up again because the noisy neighbours around where we were staying in South Australia started letting off very loud fireworks at midnight - and I LOVE fireworks. I got up and stood outside in my PJs watching rockets and sparkly things head skyward and laughed and made faces and left my mouth open.

Did you all have a marvellous Christmas and a very Happy New Year?

I'm not sure about 2010 so far, I was really just hitting my stride with the old one, just getting used to writing 2009 on things and then they change it. Seeemed to fly past, but I think it is just the time thief again. Maybe 2010 should be the year I find out who is stealing all my days and weeks.

In deference to the season, a little summing up is in order.

2009 was the year that:
-My children were both at school for the first time
-We worried about husbeast
-I knitted 13 pairs of socks, 9 jumpers/cardis, and assorted blankets, scarves, shawls etc
- I created too many WIPs and think I should do something about them
-I joined 5 sock clubs (a few too many, I think)
-I seemed to add rather a lot of 'insulation' to the house
-I sorta learned to spin
-I worked off 18kg (round of applause please), although I still have 12 to go
-I started (gasp) running - sort of
-I went to Bendigo and met lots of my wonderful no-longer-imaginary friends
-Australia seemed to go to the pack as far as climate and environment are concerned
-The 30th anniversary of the Mt Erebus aircrash
-Started the year as a journo, ended it as a redundant journo

In short. lots of good stuff happened, some not-so-good stuff happened, and some downright bad stuff happened (bushfires, floods, GFC, Copenhagen failures, Japanese whaling).

In other words it was a pretty normal year all round. Welcome to life in general!

So here are the last finished projects from 2009.

Felted wine socks, knitted from stash yarn, pattern from Yarn Magazine issue 1, gifty knitting.

Gumdrops socks, knitted in BMFA STR lightweight from the sock club, july, 2008 (did I mention about too many sock clubs?)

Arch-shaped socks knitted in BMFA STR Mediumweight in Iolite.

What does Twenty10 hold? Hard to predict, but probably some good, some not so good and some bad (see above).

Bendigo again, I hope. School for both the kids, more activity, more knitting, some spinning. I might be going back to Uni and I can almost definitely say there will be ups and downs.

The rest? Well I can give you a definite maybe on that!

Happy 2010, everyone!


2paw said...

Five sock clubs???!!! Good thing you have ten feet!! It was definitely a year of ups and downs, and I hope 2010 (I say twentyten) is a year of lots of uppiness!!

MadMad said...

That was a busy year! I hope 2010 is wonderful for you! Tell us more about the uni - I was thinking the same for myself!

Rose Red said...

Yes, do tell us more about uni...what are you thinking of doing? I'm not sure I could handle writing essays again!! But learning stuff, now that sounds kinda nice!

PenCraft said...

I'm impressed. Five sock clubs. You must have an awesome sock yarn stash!

Lynne said...

Five sock clubs would seem a tad ambitious! But it's not like yarn goes off or anything!! LOL

Happy 2010 to you - may the good outweigh the bad.

Donna Lee said...

I am glad 2009 is over. It was a year of suspense snd loss. I'm hoping for a quiet 2010 but I know that that doesn't happen often.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm in absolute awe! Small ankle biters AND all those finished projects! Well done you!

I really MUST start learning how to knit socks. Knitted one and one only for hubby years ago out of my first handspun. He says he's still waiting for the other! Dream on ;p

Love those lacey socks in the rainbow shade. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...


Kuka said...

oooh that's a lot of socks and cardis! And 18kg? Congratulations!
Happy 2010!!

Leonie said...

Hip hip hooray for the weight removal and good luck for the remaining 12.
I only wish I had joined 5 sock clubs, I have been getting the odd skein from here and there to get to know what they all feel like but sock clubs are a thing of my future I think!
Best wishes for a balanced year, there's always ups and downs here's hoping we all have the strength to face whatever life throws at us.

Melinda said...

Happy 2010! You knitted a lot of jumpers/cardis in 2009 - I'm impressed! Hope you get some knitting done even in the heat of summer.