Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do you remember?

Do you remember how I said I would blog more regularly and I promised there'd be photos and deathless prose?

Do you remember me saying that?

Damn. I was hoping you'd forgotten that incident.


I have been a bad blogger, and haven't blogged as much as I should, and I'm not really sure why, except that life got slightly more complicated and I got distracted and, well, whoops, here it is, however long since I blogged.

And there's Bells, looking forward to blogging every day for a month. And me. Lucky to blog once a week - but truly - I am trying for more. I don't think I'm really a candidate for Blogtoberfest though - although you might be.

In truth, the return to yucky weather brought on a severe case of the blahs, so much so that I have hardly looked at Ravelry, and I've been reading and not always commenting on your blogs. I am sorry. I can't help bad weather blahs. To put it in context, since July 1 there have been 5 days without rain in Tasmania. Five.

No wonder I've been damp. Heavens - I can tell where North is because that is the side of me without moss on it.

But it all stops here. I solemnly promise that I..


What's that?

Oh - it's some pretty knitting.

The Vine Yoke Cardigan, (anyone mention bandwagons?). As yet buttonless, but blocked. In the Naturally Sensation (10ply merino/angora 70/30, soft as a baby bunny) that I bought while in South Australia in a heat wave last summer. For some reason there were 12 skeins, at $2.50 a skein. This cardigan used - wait for it - 6 and a half skeins. Can you believe it? So, including the cost of the pattern and buttons it cost about $25 dollars! An angora cardi for 25 bucks? Happy dance for sure!

I have been trying to finish WIPs and wearing blinkers so I don't get distracted. Having finished the Vine Yoke I finally cast on some gifty socks (Blackrose, but in 8ply) and will be trying to almost monogamously work on them.

With maybe a teeny tiny side order of finishing the half a sock I have to go on a pair, a bit of garter stitch jacket and perhaps a little Radiate - just to take the edge off.

In honour of Rosered then, here are the incomings and outgoings for September.

800gr from Bendigo Woollen Mills (gifty socks and enough luxury 4 ply for a thermal)
1 skein of sock yarn

That's it.

and I have finished 2 garments but they used very little yarn
Tempest - 250gr
Vine Yoke - 325gr
Cottys - 100gr
and Fawkes may get finished tonight, so I'll throw them in too - 100gr

775gr out and 900 in

Doesn't seem fair really.

Next month may be a little worse (unless I knit MUCH faster) - I know there may be something coming in and there are some sock club parcels arriving. I am still striving for stash diminuition. Maybe I should just knit socks and stuff with sock yarn for all of 2010.

What do you think?


Rose Red said...

heh, don't worry, my total (to be posted tomorrow) will make you feel MUCH MUCH better. Virtuous even!

I'm knitting with Naturally Sensation right now too - snap! I didn't get it for $2.50 though - bargain!!

Leonie said...

Hey Miss Tink looking fabulous in your new cardi! Beautiful colour too. Way to go with the evicting of kilos you're looking superb!

knitting sprouts said...

great cardi! I got a case of the blahs too - must be going around

MadMad said...

Ooooh! It's great! I am on the last garter stitch section (button band) of mine, Can't wait to see it done! It was a fun knit. (Though sewing in all those buttons isn't gonna be pretty....)

MadMad said...

Me, again. I forgot something: I meant to add that I, too, think about knitting from stash for a year. It's great in theory, but for me the problem is that the yarn I bought I don't always like any more... or I get interested in making something different, for which I don't have the right kind of yarn. (Like, say, a bulky yarn hat.) And the colors I bought aren't necessarily ones I want things in any more, either. (Hot pink malabrigo?) I suppose i could trade or sell it, but I just keep hoping something will come along at some point that makes it work...

amy said...

It rained here during our spring-early summer for something like two months straight. It really does take it out of you.

Beautiful sweater! I'm going to try to knit from stash. I have so many projects lined up, and the yarn for them, that I have no business buying more for a while, and the cost of finishing the basement is a nice little reminder to cool it for a bit. ;)

2paw said...

You look so fabulous in your new wonderful cardi: not just the colour but you look slim and trim and ready for Spring!!! My word that was a bargain.
So much rain: I knew we had an ark full but so much?? No wonder there are puddles of mud everywhere!!

Alwen said...

After a while we get a little cabin-feverish when it rains and rains.

So many of the bloggers I read seem to have had this stretch of quietness. Me, too! But I think I'm starting to wake back up again.

Maria said...

Love the cardi and at such a bargain price!!! Your entitled to more stash for saving money :-)

Anonymous said...

I sooooo get that horrible weather-mood thing; sunshine deprivation. Really notice now that I don't have to brave the weather if I don't want to, that continual grey skies sap my energy, and that even winter sunshine can give me an energy boost-I don't have to be in it-I just have to open the curtains and let it in.
Good to see that you're letting wool cheer you up!
Wishing you some sunshine down there!!!!

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

That cardi is the gorgeousness, my dear, and you are looking just FAH-bulous! Mwah!

Amy Lane said...

THAT is a truly awesome cardigan (on a svelter, slimmer you:-)