Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bendi - the hangover.

Well, I'm home, the washing is done, the case is unpacked and most of the patting and fondling of yarn has ceased (mostly).

It's that awful feeling a week after you get home from a great holiday. That feeling that it almost never happened. You know you went. You had a great time. You finally got to meet some of your bestest-ever blogbuddies. You were child- and husby-free for 2 nights and most of 3 glorious days.
You were one of the Kewl Kids in the Hustler Street Posse.

And now you're home. And the washing-up didn't get done while you were away and neither did the washing. The floor crunches underfoot - in the patches were it doesn't stick to the soles of your shoes. Your family ate fish and chips from the local takeaway one night, and pikelets the other night.

My week has been normal. Went to the gym, did my monthly stint in the school canteen (it's only open one day a week, and the school only has 150 students, so it's not terribly onerous), sorted out a birthday party and present. Then the kids got sick. Both of them. Same symptoms. Sore stomach, headache, fever (Princess was 38.1 and Destructoboy was running at over 39). This meant Friday was all about high level mothering - which is something between pedeatric nursing and being a general dogsbody - one who prays under their breath ' please don't vomit - please don't vomit'.

Saturday was convalescence day and they are still not 100%. I know this because they have not fought, screamed at one another, hit, wrestled or had tantrums for 3 days. So today we made dried berry and orange brownies.

The goreousness in my suitcase -there have been one or two questions?

The butter yellow big balls?(How obscene does that sound?) That is 4 x 200gr balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills Cameo (angora/wool mix) 10 ply. From the fabled Back Room of the woollen mill is also some denim coloured Rustic in 12 ply, some marled Rustic in 8 ply, a ball of red luxury, and courtesy of the Divine Mandie at Ewe Give me the Knits, some Bendigo Woollen Mills fibre to practice spinning. There is also 700gr of red merino top for spinning and somehow I ended up with one of SpinningWoodie's drop spindles, made of maple and sassafras.

Also from EGMTK there is some dyed fibre and 3 skeins of sock yarn, from Charlie at Ixchel some cashmere merino laceweight, some camel/bunny, some angora bunny fibre and a bunny bling batt (this is wrapped up as the bling kept escaping and attching itself to everything and everyone in sight.

A couple of skeins of Pear Tree red 4 ply snuck in there too, and some of the gorgeous silk/optim from Shiloh wool. There's also some silk/Polworth from Wendy Dennis and the gorgeous Tom, some Lara Downs pure cashmere and some of their luxury cashmere/angora bunny/merino. There's some of Donyale's utterly gorgeous baby alpaca in Sir Walter, 2 skeins of Jitterbug and I'm almost sure there are other yummies I've not named.

In addition, I had presents. Donyale gave me Norah Gaughan Volume 5, Knightly Knitter passed on a birthday present of Mason Dixon Knitting, Zephyrama gave me Feminie Knits and I have no idea how Knitting Ganseys ended up there. After a while it became a euphoric haze.....

And yes, I did manage to get clothes in there too. In fact, I bought 2 tops and a knitted cotton dress. i thought the tops were cotton rayon stuff until after I had put one through the washing machine (on cold luckily) and discovered that this shiny silkiness was in fact - wool.

So thank you to the amazing blogpals, the awesome organisers, the remarkable Ravellers and ecstatic enablers. I have already booked the husbeast for childminding for next year. I am so ready.

I don't even mind the post-Bendi hangover, as long as it means I can do it all again next year!


Rose Red said...

Heh, it was great wasn't it!! Thank you for organising the Hustler Street Posse!!

Sorry the kids have been sick though - hope there was no vomit!

m1k1 said...

I'm so glad I didn't post that extraordinarily witty message I first thought of when I loaded your page and it was blank. Because I see there is now text to go with your amusing title.
I guess the cold could hold no concern for you, with all that lovely woolly stuff to surround yourself with. Choose a cupboard and dive in, eh?
I hope the illnesses vanish soon. And happy knitting, or just wallowing.

Anonymous said...

If I thought I was jealous before, this post has just made me green! Not in terms of the anklebiters, although I do hope they get better quickly!

The yarn description has me battling hunger pangs!!!Must mark this event in the diary!!!

I've just spent the morning sorting my stash into clear boxes with secure tops that keep out rumaging dogs. At the Sturt winter School at Mittagong one of the wild knitters brought her stash in beautifully organised transparent containers. Inspirational! She also had wonderful hanks (?) of dyed carded wool tops-a revelation to me! Haven't spun for years but am gearing up. Delighted that 20 years later there's an alternative to handcarding greasy locks.Although I do love that earthy feel!

Amy Lane said...

OH baby, one look at that suitcase tells me it was time well spent!

Donyale said...

Wheeeeee - let's do it again.

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Best. Weekend. EVER!

Incidentally - even though I never actually laid eyes on the Bunny Bling Batt, I managed to bring home some of the bling!

Hope your kidlets are feeling better. Mine - well, let's just say it's a very good thing that they go back to school tomorrow...

amy said...

Oh, it's awful when more than one kid is sick at the same time. (At least you weren't sick too!) But isn't it nice when they're feeling well enough to not require complete waiting on, but not so well that they have energy to get into trouble?

Alwen said...

Oh the yarn and fibery goodness!

If I can just hang on until our own fiber festival . . .

I don't dare let our son sleep in his own bed if he's that sick. (Loft bed high in the air = real mess if he should vomit)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Oh how I know the feeling. Back home, back to housework, back to paid employment, back to squabbling children and dirty towels and juggling 15 different tasks at work and I. Just. Want. To. Swatch. All. My. New. Yarn.
Maybe we should run away together... or better yet, organise a father-children bonding weekend where we send them all away on a camp and just play house for a weekend!! Doesn't that sound fantastic???

Jejune said...

What a fantastic haul, WITH pressies - doesn't get much better!

Know all about the 'coming back to domestic disaster' thing, especially with a family full of pathologically messy ADHD people (I'm the only tidy one) ... very demoralising.

Can you imagine how I'm feeling about having a week in hospital and coming back on crutches, with hip restriction, no bending, and no heavy housework (vacuuming, sweeping etc) allowed for 3 months?! I can just hear my standards crashing around my ears ...

I hope the kids are all better now, and that you didn't get to share the germs too. Always a risk as a ministering angel!

Bells said...

you know, any hangover that doesn't involve vomit and headaches sounds like a good one to me!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

As Taph once wrote in my comments and is so appropriate for this situation. "I am not jealous"

But I'm sure that everyone can read between the lines:)