Monday, June 29, 2009

New Look (What do you think?)

You may have noticed that the blog has had a bit of a makeover.

I decided that I needed a new look - well, yes, I need a new look, take that as read - maybe six feet tall, slim, pale and masses of flaming red curls - no, sorry, that's Nicole Kidman. Sigh.

No, I decided the blog needed a new look. So when I tidied it up, I did a bit of a paint job.

I may play with it some more. We'll see. I like the colours though.

Breaking news.

Our wild social life has included a birthday party for a one year old, and having the in-laws and the lovely but blogless Jill over for lunch. Other than that, life has proceeded as usual, with the added excitement of winter and the on-going lure of hibernation.

The most exciting thing which has happened is my discovery of The Dresden Dolls - check out this film clip of one of their performances. They describe themselves as Brechtian Punk Cabaret and I have been loving their stuff. I am further investigating Amanda Palmer's solo catalogue. I love finding new and interesting music. This dark burlesque genre has passed me by until now.

Finished the Kim jumper last night, still needs to block, and the day is grey and rainy, so photos later. Today is the end of the financial year, so it seems I will need to update stash honesty. As months go, it hasn't been too bad.

Four sock club packages (Four! Count 'em! What was I thinking?) All came in June. That's 5 skeins of sock yarn, or 600gr.
A slight lapse at a wool shop sale - 10 x 50gr Grinasco Tango, 2 x 50gr Kaffe Fassett Regia. I blame Rose Red for these. If she hadn't put me on to the Grinasco, and made the Kaffe socks....
Total from there 600 gr

Total in: 1.2kg

As I don't count things unless they are actually finished I can't include half a clappy or half a pair of socks. Drat.
Kim - 5 x 125 gr - 625 gr.

1.6kg re-homed to Ravellers

One large bag of not-terribly-good yarns sent off to school for finger/French knitting - say 750gr


In - 1.2kg
Out: 2.975kg

I'm afraid next month may not look quite so good, but I hope to have more finished objects, so I can count more....or some tidying up may lead to further re-homing. We'll see.

Happy New Financial Year to you all - may your assets ever exceed your liabilities!


Bells said...

Looks fantastic!

We are quite enamoured of the Dresden Dolls (Sean moreso than me, but I do quite like them). Saw them in Sydney a few years ago. Great show. Cover of Material Girl was hilarious. The solo album is very good. It's a real grower.

dr k said...

let us just blame rosered for all our stash enhancement shall we? the make over is excellent, i like the way the colours work too. i wish i could hibernate in your turret...

Michelle said...

I like the new look!

Good work on your stash outs, too!

Donyale said...

me likey....but me likey even more that you destashed....just don't ask rosered to do it.

BTW my verification word is ationpoo.....just sharing (poo - heeeee heeeeeh heeeeee)

Jejune said...

Excellent makeover, it's a nice template this one :)

I saw the Dresden Dolls on the ABC Sunday Arts program a few months back, they were STUNNING!

Good job on the net outward balance on destashing!

Rose Red said...

Gah, now I really don't want to post my ins and outs for this month (MUCH more in than out, I'm afraid. Well, except I'm not really because the ins have been SO GOOD!).

I like the new colours!

Jill said...

Noice. 'Twas lovely to join you guys for lunch the other day, and to fondle some of the new stash yarn & patterns.

Well done on the stash out, too. I think you're equation was a bit better than mine this month. Problem with having taken up sock knitting (especially knee highs) - lotta knitting, notalotta stash movement.

And my verification word is dumbru. Not sure I'm game to parse that. LOL.

Geek Knitter said...

I love the new look, great subdued colors!

amy said...

I like the colors, very fresh! Whenever I can't stand the clutter in my house and my inability to do much of anything about it at the moment, I start to think my blog needs a spruce. That, at least, I can do. :)

Taphophile said...

Loving the green.

Amy Lane said...

Love the new look--and your wild social whirl sounds... a little like mine!

Anonymous said...

Destashing??!!! Well done you!
I'd really like to start knitting something from Victorian Lace Patterns but so far I've distracted myself with a panel for the NGA and a hat to wear out of the same wool, toddler mittens (in progress, and I'm supposed to be knitting a cupcake for a cupcake exchange with a group on Ravelry, and my friend wants me to knit teddy bears for a charity thing, and I'm knitting scarves and beanies for the homeless in Sydney, and I really want to knit a pair of socks properly.
You give me hope that I may get stuck into some rationalising of it all.

Leonie said...

Nice change, I'm a huge fan of the green.

Donna Lee said...

It's fun to play around with the blog. It feels like a room re-do without the work or expense.

I like the greens and orange together.

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Oooh, purty new colours! And THANK YOU for the Dresden Dolls clip! I think I'm in lurve...

Only 14 more sleeps 'til Bendi! Squeee!

2paw said...

I am so behind in my commenting. Love the new blog layout and the colour!!! It has been very wintry here and we have all been busy with the invalid!! Happy New Financial Year to you too!!! Just caught Gilly trying to get to my Doctor Who shelf and when I clapped at her she pretended she was looking at the floor, the door, anything but the shelf!!!

MadMad said...

Oh, I think it's a sharp new makeover! You look 23! ;)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

ooo, doesn't it feel good to have a bit of a change, freshen things up a little?
Yay for your stash-busting - I look forward to helping you reverse those figures next weekend :)