Sunday, March 1, 2009

And another thing....

First, an apology. After reading Alwen's blog for, well, forever, I still managed to spell her name incorrectly in the last post. Sorry, Alwen.

And for some reason, no kid's books (juvenile fiction) went onto the list - so here's a quick rundown - authors only:
Phillip Pullman (His Dark Materials series),
Tamora Pierce - anything at all,
John Flanagan - The Ranger's Apprentice series - particularly good for boys;
JP Martin - the Uncle Books;
everything by Nicholas Stuart Grey (sadly currently out of print, despite a barrage of emails to Penguin);
some Enid Blyton;
Susan Cooper - the Dark is Rising sequence;
anything by Diana Wynne Jones,
Rudyard Kipling, the Just-So stories and Jungle Book - and Kim and lots of others;
Cornelia Funke
CS Lewis, the Narnia Books
JK Rowling Harry Potter
all the Graeme Base books

Oh - lots more! So I'll stop now before I get carried away!


5 books
3 mags
4 pairs of shoes

4 pairs of shoes (2 binned and 2 to Lifeline)
Pile of Mags - lifeline
1 bag clothes - lifeline

In: Stash
3 sleins of sock yarn (1 replacement for sub-quality; 1 club; 1 prize) = 300 gr

Out: Stash
300 gr ( Cherie Amour - not yet finished)
100gr (socks) = 400gr!!!

For the first time my knitted stash outweighs in incoming. I feel very virtuous.

I spent the weekend doing the job of a 19th century skivvy. I swept, mopped and scrubbed, then swept again, our verandah prior to painting. Our verandah is 3m wide and 12m long, plus a return of 6 metres. It took a long time. The outlaws were here on Sunday and I made the gorgeous choolate and dried pear brownie desert from this month's Delicious magazine (except I used cherries instead of pears) - utterly gorgeous and swooiningly rich.

In fact, this months delicious only arrived last week and has already been used for 4 recipes and I intend to cook some more out of it this week. Obviously a particularly useful isse!

Off to play snap with the 4 year old and think about what to cook for dinner.......


Rose Red said...

Thanks for making me feel so guilty about my stash!!! heh! No, good on you for having more out than in!! I can only aspire to your levels of greatness!

2paw said...

Pullman: yes to the Sally Lockhart series, no to the His Dark Materials (elephants with wheels)
Pierce: Everything is great!!
Flanagan: Meaning to get to these soon
Martin? Grey?
Blyton: yes especially the school ones. I've always wanted a midnight feast a la boarding school!!!
Cooper: definitely. Love them.
Kipling? Not so much.
Tried Funke and didn't 'get' the books.
Yes to Lewis, Rowling and Base. Lovely list!!
Yes, I thought not the pear too. I know Nigella insists on pear and chocolate too.
This is a tomely comment!!!

Geek Knitter said...

Choolate.. one of my most favoritest things! :)

I got a set of Susan Cooper when I was around nine or so... read them to tatters by the time I was twelve!

MadMad said...

Snap!? We have to play that, too! And my son is EIGHT!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I have finally come to a point in my life where I now have lots of time to read. I get to read at work. So all those unread books on my shelf will eventually be for more than just show.

Your last two post have reminded me what I have to look forward to.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Reading for fun - hmm, novel concept (boom boom!!!)
Cooper, DWJones, Pierce oh my yes!!!!
ranger's apprentice - v popular at my school
Rowling yup!
Paul Collins - Dragonlinks series
Garth Nix - Abhorsen series
Terry Pratchett - though not the mid-late repetitive stuff
Charles de Lint - a few teenage level novels in there
(I could go on and on and on and ....)

Amy Lane said...

Love that Graem Base-- that, and I've given up buying yarn for lent...

Trust me-- don't bet between me and the yarn store after Easter!