Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And now, back to our scheduled programming....

I apologise for the break in transmission. Life has been topsy-turvey and I am trying to be super organised. I have always admired those women who had children, held down jobs, blogged and crafted (you know who you are), but now my admiration knows no bounds!

I would also like to point out that I work only 2 days per week in the actual office (which requires clothes which do not shriek ‘Mum at home with kids!’; and make up to hide time’s worst ravages, and because I really like lipstick!), and one day equivalent from home. This requires me to make 4 lunches and get three other people organised and dressed and out the door and dropped off at school and childcare and read to and kissed and goodbyed and ensuring I actually have the stuff I need and stories and notebooks and so on – is it any wonder I didn’t make it to the gym on Friday and Monday?

And that is just for TWO days a week. Imagine doing it five days a week? As I said, my admiration knows no bounds. I also said ‘women’ because, although I know some men do this – or share perfectly equally in this morning madness, the burden seems to fall much more on women.

In addition, there have been circus rehearsals (for the big show on the 5, 6 and 7 September), birthdays and various others bits and pieces to keep me occupied.

There has been knitting.

I finished a cowl and Le Slouch beret from the American Beauty Malabrigo I received in a de-stash.

The Gorgeous Francis is finished Рin Crystal Palace Cr̬me (a lovely wool silk blend).

I have increased my sock stash (because I have SOOOOOO much time on my hands – LOL!

I have worked. I love the work so far. I love planning stories and organising to interview people and then thinking about the best questions to ask them and sniffing around for things which might be interesting and trying to come up with more ideas to start the whole process again.

My boss is great – and also a knitter!

In addition to the madness that life has become (and which will soon, I am sure, fall into a routine), I spend most of any time at home fighting with Destructoboy over the computer. We gave him some really good educational games for his birthday, and he adores the Noggin site, and I can hardly get at the keyboard.

I also rather rashly, and in a spirit of optimism but expectation of disappointment, threw my hat into the ring of insanity which was the Wollmeise Sock Club lottery. And I got in!!!!

This means that unannounced parcels of Wollmeise will appear for me at regularish intervals. It also means that my credit card went into cardiac arrest - but hey!, that's how it is sometimes!

This is not stash because:

1. Wollmeise is too beautiful to be stash;
2. Sock yarn does not count as stash;
3. International yarn never counts as stash;
4. By the time the second one arrives, you've forgotten how much it cost, so it transmutes into a gift - and gifts are never stash

Have I forgotten any rationalisations, Zeph?

So hopefully, normal transmission will resume as soon as possible. Until then, blogging may be a once a week activity!


Rose Red said...

I admire those women too - I can barely get myself out the door for work every day, let alone pack lunches and organise school drop offs and pickups and blog and photos and actual knitting.

Yay for FOs and new yarn!! And of course, for Wollmeise!!

kms said...

i dont know how anyone manages full time work, let alone with kids thrown in! i can just manage 3 dogs, a partner and 2.5 days out of home! the very worst part of the whole thing is not enough knitting time. how do you do it?!

Bells said...

What RoseRed and KMS said. It freaks me out. I wish i was rich enough to be a SAHM all the time. It would be so much easier.

And with all that you also managed to knit?

And as for THE SOCK CLUB. Hmph. I'm pouting.

Alwen said...

I had a scary thought the other morning, and it was I'm as organized as I'm ever going to be!

How's that for one to keep you up nights!

I'm working two evenings. My husband and I meet and pass off our son. :)

Geek Knitter said...

While my boss is not a knitter, his is married to one. Not quite as good, but he was very understanding the time I came back late from lunch because I'd been turning a heel!

MadMad said...

Ay-yay-yay. I'm tired just hearing about it... But I'm betting that 5 days isn't MUCH worse than two, really, and actually, could even be considered easier because there are fewer transitions. So don't sell yourself short - two days is still, and definitely, a big jump! Good for you! Tell us about some of your stories!

Donna Lee said...

When my girls were little and everyone had to be out of the house by 7, I had to pack lunches at night and make sure clothes were chosen, clean and fairly wrinkle free. Bookbags were packed and left on the bench and then and only then could I sit down and relax. It made for a hectic life for a long time. But now, I only have to get myself out the door and it's heaven.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I'm with Bells on the pouting! In fact, I might possibly even huff too!!! No I won't - I've got orange and stripey socks on my needles today. No one could huff with an orange as loud as this smiling up at them:>
Yay you working woman! Now all you have to do is start to make lunches on the weekends, label and freeze them, and you will have your UberMum title in the bag! (I'm kidding. I've heard of freezing lunches, but never done it. Honest. Except for my stir-fries. And muffins. The occasional scone, slice or cake. Okay, now I sound weird.)

Amy Lane said...

huzzah for the Wollmeise! (I had to turn a friend's offer to share down...I'm looking forward to pictures:-)

The FOs are brilliant, and I'm sure the madness will spiral down soon!!! (Mine has, to an extent. Routine is all:-) And it's funny--I used to enjoy dressing up too... but once I got tenure I became the teacher in jeans and a T-shirt:-)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

At the end of July, I landed a 5 day a week job. I'm tired all the time, the house work is suffering, the kids have to wait in line for any attention, I barely have any crafting/blogging time any more, but at least I can afford nice yarns now.