Friday, January 11, 2008

Help Me Knit While I'm Asleep!

How hard can this blogging be? I ask myself. It can’t be so hard – I’ll fit it in around life and children and knitting and Ravelry and reading other blogs and thinking about knitting and domestic life and very occasional desultory housecleaning. Not a problem.

Well, I’ve finally subscribed to a blog reader to tell me when new posts are on all your blogs (why didn’t I know about this and do it oooooohhh six or so months ago?). That helps, but my Rav usage has rather expanded, especially because I’m now a group moderator – remember the SPECIAL POWERS? I figure that with great power comes great responsibility – so I check pretty regularly on the groups I’m in (which have also expanded – somehow I’m in 14 groups now).

I’ve been fighting for computer time with the children and the Accountant. I’ve also been using the computer for legitimate (work type) purposes. And trying to do other things, such as cook meals, pick off all apples infected with codling moth (4 apple trees – 2 big and old), pick plums from this years bumper crop and turn them into plum sauce and try to beat the garden into submission.

I’ve also discovered the magic of dyeing and the kids and I spent a morning painting skeins of 14 ply from the stash, mordanted with vinegar overnight, with food colouring. We had a great time and the wool looked fabulous. This was Monday. By Thursday morning I had finished Destructoboy’s beanie (Taph’s bulky beanie pattern). I haven’t done Princess’s hat yet, but I will. Soon. It’s been a bit hot for knitting 14 ply.

I’ve had a couple of little stash enhancements – these are 2 little Noropups (Kureyon sock yarn) who were looking for a home.

This was from a swap – the lovely Spiraling wanted an Interweave and I love sock yarn – it’s a gorgeous almost solid turquoise-y blue and I see some embossed leaves socks in its future.

Just to prove there has been knitting happening – here are one and a half Kaibashira socks:

And here is the cotton, stocking stitch section of the Bella Blouse (at last!)

Other than that, life rolls on. I want to learn to knit in my sleep. If you’re very good, one day I’ll show you the numerous sock project bags (yarn and appropriate pattern in a ziplock bag, ready to pick up and knit.

Oh – I almost forgot the most exciting news! I’m in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club 2008. I’ve paid. They post out on the 21st of January. Wouldn’t it be nice if the first package happened to arrive on my birthday?


Bells said...

Oh! Dyeing with short people sounds like so much fun. I want to try it!

I also want to be in rockin' socks. I really do. But I won't. You'd better report in regularly on it so that I get some joy.

2paw said...

I agre with Bells, report you must. I can't be in a sock club as they won't have all green wool!! Lovely dyeing, it is a joy, isn't it?? And fun and look at that hat!!!
You are All Powerful with your Special Skills!! I have seen your picture as a moderator!!
I didn't know you didn't know about a blog keeper-upperer. I love it. I used to have to check ALL the blogs every day until I went slightly mad, well more mad really.
Nice other new wool, how is the Noro sock wool?? And look at Bella: she is real!! She is looking excellent too!!
Hope you are enjoying a little cool weather. I can already tell you are having lots of fun!!

Lynne said...

I also subscribed to a blog reminder today; so much easier than chasing after every one of my ever increasing 'readable' blogs! Tonight I had just a few entries to read - yours being one, of course! :-)

Alwen said...

I am seeing so much pretty sock yarn on blogs -- Kaibashira sock yarn, pretty!

(I have two pairs on the needles and a skein of pretty yarn calling me already!)

Amy Lane said...

Oh, that was lovely! Now I feel like a bad mama because the thought of gathering my kids together to do that makes my ears scrunch up! But the hat is gorgeous and the noro is gorgeous, and now that I know they make sockyarn, my LYS guru and I are going to have a drooling session, I can see it in the future:-)

Georgie said...

Love the dyeing, and the beanie has come up fabulously! It looks great.

Very much looking forward to rockin' socks p*rn. I daren't go near the idea of purchasing anything resembling yarn for quite some time.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

You have been such a busy girl!!! I can hardly keep up with all the gorgeous things you're making/ doing/ finding (and I'm trying really hard not to look at the Noro sockyarn - you know how I feel about Noro)
I think you're making a fabulous start to 2008, and I can't wait to share it all with you!

zephyrama said...

Oh the start of a yarn dyeing empire! Beautiful, and may the weather cool down immediately for more knitting.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

There seems to be a lot of knitting going on at your house. I think that you have learnt how to knit in your sleep.

One thing I have learnt about dyeing with the short people. No matter how "artistic" the result is, anything you knit for them, from their dyeing adventure, they will love.

kms said...

*sigh* i missed rocking socks. i really want some blue moon. really really badly. but, a la george, im on a yarn diet too. another sigh.

Rose Red said...

The beanie looks great - and I love that Bella pattern, what yarn are you using?

And if I could teach people how to knit in their sleep, I reckon I'd be a millionaire! Now I just have to learn how to do it as well...

MadMad said...

Ooooh, I'm glad you made the time to blog because I love all the photos, and think that hat you died and made is the cutest. thing. ever. Whoa! But yeah... it is hard to find time to knit, huh? Which is pretty ironic, since it's what got us all here in the first place!

frog ponds rock... said...

Oooh you look like you have been having fun... that turquoise is such a gorgeous colour...

mmm I might have to go looking for my knitting needles.. But I am a knit one drop two kind of knitter *sigh*

cheers Kim